FCC Online Courses

Listed Below are  The Careers that FCTP offer.

After you make your selection you will be forwarded over to our training Site. there if you are a returning student you will use your log-in ID and Password that you have previously established. New students will create a log-in ID and password when instructed by the site for payment all payments are run through Paypal. Paypal accounts will be setup upon the student creating a log-in. Paypal is a secure third party payment method this way FirstCallTrainingPrograms does not know your credit car info and you can feel secure in your use of our training site.

To go-to training and receive certification click on the needed career field below.

1.  ALF/Nursing Homes      2. (CNA) Certified Nursing Assistant 

3.  Nursing                               4.  Nursing Home Administrators

5.  Respiratory Care             6.  Midwifery              7.  Childcare   

Listed below is our most asked question.

How does your courses work?

A: Our courses are approved by the appropriate “license board authority” for the profession that we are offering the course. The courses are all offered and completed online. The process is this: 
1. Choose your profession from the  menu.
2. You choose the course that you want/need.
3. Create a new account in our training software. YOU MUST USE A UNIQUE E-MAIL ADDRESS.
4. Check your email, click on the link in your email, to CONFIRM your account.
5. Pay for your course with a credit/debit card.

6. Complete a student registration form with your own userID and password.

7. READ THE COURSE INFORMATION! OR listen to the streaming audio, in any event, complete all the steps as required in the course.
8. Take the post course test. (Some courses have NO TEST.)
9. Your course completion certificate will be created and you will have the opportunity to print it out immediately. Print a copy for your records. Send a copy as requested to your state board. If you are using CE Broker or Board of Cosmetology, we will notify the board within the specified time as required.



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